Who we are & What We Do

A ‘Reformation’ is a spiritual movement which labors to correct the wrong doings and effects of erroneous doctrines in the Body of Christ.

  • A Reformation Since 1986
  • 5 - Fold International Ministry
  • Ministerial Training Centers
  • Mary Banks Faith Library
  • Broadcasting Centers
  • Live Facebook Shows: "Bible Talk with Mary" - Open to public
  • Reading & Faith Library Kiosks Available
  • Discipleship Classes Wed. 7 pm
  • Free Courses ~ Classes Weekly
  • Sunday Chapel 10 am

Mid West Conference & Grand Opening of the Mary Banks Faith Library


Our Staff

Our Apostolic Team

What's Happening?

Countdown to Armageddon

Bible Prophesy has never been delivered in such clear and simple terms!

Prepare to receive timelines and God's perspective of the end times.


Apostle Mary Banks, "The Bible Teacher"

Apostle Michael Thomas
Apostle Kareem Flowers
Prophet Jessie McCree

First Session:

Friday, September 21, 2018 @ 7 pm

Saturday 8:30 am, 1 pm & 7 pm

Sunday 10 am

What else we provide?

Student Cafe

Enjoy a cup of Java

Online & On-Site Courses

Kiosks & Classroom Teaching


Discipleship Class ~ Wednesdays 7 pm
Chapel ~ Sundays 10 am


The Global Training Center has been a major part of my life and study in the Word.  I look forward to my continued study in the "End Times" and "Countdown to Armageddon"!


The BTGTC has helped me to keep my spiritual walk within the boundaries of the faith. It includes a team of spirit-filled, word bred leaders whose only desire is to work with the Holy Spirit to perfect the body of Christ. The integrity of my walk has been tested, revealed, and challenged to my good. The leaders are living examples of the New and Living Way.


It is at the Global Training Center that I learned how to rightly divide the Word!