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Monday Night Discipleship
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The Library…

The Mary Banks Faith Library is a subsidiary of Mary Banks Ministries. The courses, manuals and books in the Mary Banks Faith Library  are designed to teach the reader how to take the principles taught in each chapter and apply them to their real life situations.These teachings are awakening the Christian community around the world and as a result, many have moved to a higher level of spiritual comprehension of God’s Word, and into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

The Lady…

Mary Banks, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ is the founder of Bible Teachers International, Bible Teachers International Worship Centers and Bible Theater International now located throughout the U.S., Canada, The Caribbean Islands, India, Africa, and London, with new doors of opportunity opening everyday. Recognized as “The Bible Teacher” to the Body of Christ, as well as an international speaker, Mary has authored many books and courses that have brought a sure word to the world and the Church.

The Legacy…

The Mary Banks Faith Library is just one piece in an awesome puzzle.
Take a look at all of Mary Banks’ ministries and see how they can help you in your walk with God.
Bible Teachers Broadcasting Network

For information about our Worship Centers, upcoming events, live church services from 5 locations accross the world, conferences, archives of previous church services and conferences, is the place to go.

Bible Teachers Broadcasting Network

Welcome to the Television Network of Bible Teachers International. On our network, we  address real life issues and generates appeal amongst all age groups and across denominational lines, through the utilization of new and fresh vehicles of expressions including various art forms and genres in theatre, dance, music and poetry.


The 3 apostles – Mary Banks, Michael Thomas, Kareem Flowers – are using these discipleship sessions to break down the message for the Body of Christ. The sessions will be held every Monday Night at 7:00PM (EST) on BTBN.

Bible Theater

The Dance Ministry Teaches Students How to Yield Their Bodies in Dance as Instruments of Worship & Praise, and Deliver the Message of the Kingdom With a Holy Vessel. This Component of Ministry Brings the Heart & Mind of God Alive in Everyday Real Life Situations, Circumstances, and Relationships. It Reveals the Practicality of the Gospel.

Bible Teachers Partners

Become a BTI Partner today to help to carry this message of Jesus Christ to the 4 corners of the earth. As a benefit, you will receive study tools, Worship Center Recordings and other special privileges. Join us in this reformation.

Lifesavers International

 Lifesavers International is the outreach arm of the ministry where real life situations are given real life answers from the Word of God. Hosted and operated by trained clinicians, Lifesavers is God’s heartbeat; reaching the lost and showing them the “Missing Link”.

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