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God's influence in the earth. A voice of truth to gather the ignorant into the knowledge of God. 

We are a division of Mary Banks Ministries (MBM) and the MSOG Global Church and committed to worldwide evangelism, discipleship, healing, the perfecting of the Body of Christ, and the preparing of God’s people for ministry. God has charged us to destroy the doctrines of devils by teaching the Word from His perspective. This requires that there be no private interpretation of scripture (II Peter 1:20); in other words, the Bible interprets itself.

We teach the body of Christ how to apply God’s principles to their real life situations and as a result, many have moved to a higher level of spiritual comprehension of God’s Word, and into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

Gathering the Lost,

One Sheep at a Time.

Mary Banks

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We believe that God is a triune being. He is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

—  1 John 5:7


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Called with a face to face visitation with the Lord Jesus Christ. She is known for her appearances on TBN, and her book "Be Ye Perfect". She is an end-time voice to the nations. 

Mary Banks

Founder & Chief Apostle


This mighty man of God, was called to his preaching ministry at 9 years old. He has a dynamic teaching ministry, being able to simplify the most complex scriptural principles.

Michael Thomas 
Witnessing Apostle & Co-Founder

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Ordained at 23 yrs old, after showing signs  of revelatory knowledge, his ministry continues to impact lives as he serves the Body of Christ internationally. It is his heart that the truth be spread to the world. 

Kareem Flowers


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